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The Electrifying 14-Piece Tribute to Michael Jackson

“To say you guys were beyond expectations is understatement to infinity! You all were, every one of you were, utterly phenomenal! The singers...WHOA! The horn section? "I am not worthy! I am not worthy!" The cover of Thriller? OMG Worth the price of admission! People, go to this show! Foreverland is so much fun and SUCH an amazing tribute will have the time of your life!”

Since 2009, Foreverland has been mesmerizing audiences around the country with their larger-than-life tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.

Featuring four dynamic vocalists, a powerhouse rhythm section, and the hardest working horn section in the biz, Foreverland recreates hits from the Jackson 5 era through the end of Michael’s incredible career in a way that honors the King of Pop’s musical genius and legendary showmanship like no other tribute band has ever done.

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  • Mark Edwards
  • Matthew Layne
  • Lisa Leuschner
  • Carlos Xavier


  • Manny Angel Trumpet
  • Luke Kirley Trombone
  • Freddy Martinez Sax
  • Max Sternberg Trumpet


  • Alex deCarville Drums
  • Nils Erickson Guitar
  • Lou Esposito II Percussion
  • Ken Franklin Bass
  • Ari Margolis Keyboards
  • Dan Petruzzella Guitar